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The field of psychometrics began to flower in the 1930‘s and that resulted in a couple of decades of significant gains, during which time most of the methodologies and many of the tests still in in use were developed. That gave way to the ongoing era mathematical modeling; most of today’s psychometric journals are filled with increasingly esoteric mathematical models of uncertain relevance to clinical measurement. Psychometric research remains overwhelmingly nomothetic, yet human behavior seem to be rather idiographic. Is it time to return to the actual measurement of psychological traits?

NPRI is a new independent research institute founded in the fall of 2021 with the aim of enhancing the methodology of psychological measurement through empirical studies and methodological investigations in applied psychometrics in clinical populations.

The institute is committed to open source publication, with all work available without cost and with limited restrictions on use. This website will serve as an online resource for completed research that should begin to appear on 2023.

Contact: Robert B. Basham, founder and director of research

Portland, Oregon, USA


A research institute devoted to the advancement of clinical psychometrics

Mt. Hood, Oregon

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